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Not long ago, one of the communities in LA was approaching bankruptcy. It was once called as one of the best communities, with other towns and cities applauding it for having award-winning amenities. It was ironic that after all the commendations it was given, there was a sudden collapse. Now, several years after, the community has been crawling towards the top again. Developers and businessmen announced that one of the famous parks and a racetrack which had been closed in 2014, would be the site of a huge retails and other establishments again

Nancy G.

Experts say the park and the planned retail development nearby would create jobs for the locals in the area. This would also help establish this community as a shopping and entertainment destination similar to other parts of Los Angeles. After these projects are done, there could be live entertainment which would rival other entertainment in other communities. 

To the leaders of the Los Angeles city and to the developers who offer the community a chance to revive the splendid past of this community, thank you! 

Daniel K.

To those who planned this development, thank you. It is good to know that you have this project in mind. More and more people will get a job. Another good report on LA’s job growth.